Play Away Holiday

Submitted by admin on 2015/06/04 10:06:50 AM
Whether you choose Phuket or Koh Samui for a family villa holiday, each island offers an exciting mix of thrilling activities to keep children thoroughly entertained – that is if they tire of splashing around in the private pool, messing about on the beach or watching DVDs and playing video games. Kids can be difficult to please on holiday, especially when you take them out and about. The temples and museums of Thailand may offer a fascinating sight-seeing itinerary for the adults, but the little ones might not agree. Fortunately, top Thai destinations like Koh Samui and Phuket boast a wide choice of different activities that appeal to younger visitors, including water parks, miniature villages, crazy golf courses and nature sanctuaries. Below is selection of kids’ entertainment options on the islands. Bouncing off the Ceiling Baan Teelanka The latest family attraction to entice young travellers in Phuket is Baan Teelanka, which packs a triple punch when it comes to entertainment choices. The name translates to ‘Upside Down House’ in English, and Baan Teelanka is exactly that. Kids can crawl along the ceilings to explore this weird and wonderful property, before heading outdoors to the maze in the back garden. In addition, the 'Chamber of Secrets' an ‘Escape the Room’ type challenge, where guests have to find a way out by guessing the answers to puzzles that will open the doors. Get the Ball Rolling Zorbing If your kids enjoy a bit of rough and tumble then get them down to Phuket’s Kalim Beach for a spot of ‘zorbing’. In this popular ride, participants step into their own giant bouncy ball to speed down the hill along a 190m track. Each ‘zorb’ measures 3 metres in diameter, so you can enjoy sweeping views of Patong Bay as you bounce down the hillside. There are two courses for visitors to enjoy, one of which includes a few hairpin bends for added excitement, while the other progresses down the hill a little more smoothly. Museum with a Difference Trick Eye Museum If your kids would normally turn their noses up at a visit to the museum on your holiday itinerary, then Phuket’s eccentric Trick Eye 3D museum may be the answer. This innovative concept may have the whole family roaring with laughter at every turn. The museum forces each visitor to challenge their senses with a series of mind boggling optical illusions, stimulating both your imagination and your sense of fun. Get prepared to take lots of funny photos as you enjoy a fun family afternoon out. Make a Splash Slip N Fly Slip N Fly is a new waterpark that recently 'sprung up' on Koh Samui and offers endless hours of fun for little ones who can’t get enough of splashing around in the sun. The waterpark, which opened its doors last November, boasts two 40m long slides which fling adventurous swimmers into a 700,000 litre pool – the largest on the island. The biggest slides propel daring swimmers up to 8m above the pool, before they plunge into its strategically positioned deep zone. There are also a few tamer slides with more gentle twists and turns for younger children to enjoy. Seaside Fun Aquapark Bophut If the 700,000 litre pool at the Slip N Fly isn’t enough for your little ones, then you can also take them to Samui’s Aquapark – a floating waterpark in the sea. Located towards the western end of Bophut Fisherman’s Village, the waterpark comprises a collection of huge, floating inflatables, including bridges, slides and a giant trampoline. Children can bounce aorund and clamber up and down before plunging into the sea for a refreshing dip and swim.