Pleasurable Poolside Pursuits

Submitted by admin on 2015/06/29 10:55:57 AM
If you’re renting one of Thailand’s fabulous private villas, there are few better ways to spend an afternoon than lazing on a cushioned lounger by your villa’s private infinity pool. Why not also put that precious “you time” to good use with a few additional poolside distractions? It’s your first day on holiday in Thailand and the tropical sun is beaming down on your private villa in Koh Samui, making your luscious infinity pool seem all the more enticing, then lying down on a sun lounger all morning may be impossible to resist. Simply lying back and losing yourself in the tropical views is one perfect way to relax and unwind, far from the hectic lifestyle you lead back at home. For some travellers, a few entertaining extras are also needed to ease in to the laid back holiday lifestyle. Below are a few ways to add some fun to yourself poolside sloth. Read up Go Set a Watchman If your day-to-day life back home allows you little time to enjoy a spontaneous couple of hours to indulge in a new novel; a villa vacation in Thailand provides the perfect opportunity to catch up on your reading. The release of Harper Lee’s novel, Go Set a Watchman is a definite poolside winner with the legendary characters of Lee’s classic novel To Kill a Mockingbird, revisited 20 years on. Tune In Eight Tracks Don’t miss out on the chance to make the most of your villa’s top of the range outdoor sound system by playing your favourite tunes while you luxuriate in the sun. If you didn’t have time to update your iPod before heading on holiday, your villa’s internet connection will allow you to stream your favourite online radio stations straight from your computer which can be hooked up to the sound system. Recommended stations include 8 Tracks online, an online streaming service that offers a vast selection of curated playlists that make for the perfect poolside soundtrack. Zone Out Frank Skinner If you need time to chill out and cut off from the everyday stress of your life, podcasts offer a huge range of enlightening and enjoyable moments with just you and your headphones. Try out Headspace, a meditation podcast app put together by a former Buddhist monk who aims to make meditation accessible to everyone. If you prefer something a little more light hearted, download the latest Frank Skinner Absolute Radio podcast. Skinner’s hilarious Saturday morning show is slimmed down into podcast form every week and full of witty, smart banter. Get Smart Learn Thai If you want to pass the day in a more productive way, learning a few Thai phrases is a good way to combine relaxation with self-improvement. Learn Thai is a good app for travellers to download and features a wealth of phrases you can use, from greetings and numbers to emergencies and eating out. Of course, if you prefer to learn about the destination your visiting you can simply browse the Blogs right here on this site. Eat Well Coconut Ice Cream Along with hours of relaxation next to your villa’s private pool, indulging in plenty of delicious food is another way to ease into the holiday lifestyle. Even before you arrive at your private holiday rental, you can get in touch with your villa manager to make sure that the fridge is fully stocked with all the goodies you want to treat yourself to, whether this is an endless supply of chilled beers or a delicious selection of fruity sorbets. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not channel the flavours of Thailand and have the chef whip up some coconut ice cream in the villa’s kitchen? Then you can literally chill out as you enjoy the tropical heat.