Poolside entertainment devices

Submitted by admin on 2018/02/18 11:54:50 PM

There’s an array of handheld entertainment devices to choose from when you’re lazing by the pool at your private Thai villa

The sun-soaked poolside terrace at your private villa on Koh Samui or Phuket provides a sublime haven for relaxation. Tropical temperatures, ocean views and the light kiss of the sea breeze are all likely to be part of the picture, with the fantastic facilities of your villa just few short steps away. However, if you aren’t content to lie back and doze in the sun, there are plenty of ways to keep yourself entertained whilst sun bathing. We’ve rounded up a selection of our favourite tables, games consoles and E-readers to inspire you.

Gaming central

While smartphones are an excellent pocket-size device for the casual gamer, a handheld console is specially-designed for gaming. In addition to offering an extensive library of games, your handheld device will offer a variety of gaming experiences – depending on the model you choose.

Leading the way

Nintendo’s latest home console – the Switch – offers users the best of both worlds. Not only are users able to play games on the handheld device, but they’re also able to plug it into the dock to play games on the TV. Essentially, it means that you can continue your game of Zelda everywhere from your sunny poolside lounger, to your villa’s entertainment suite. Another of the device’s highlights is that the unique controllers can be detached from the sides of the screen, so you can easily switch between playing styles. Released in 2017, the Switch’s best game offerings so far include Super Mario Odyssey, Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Game Of The Year) and Mario Kart, with a host of downloadable classic Indy titles which perfectly suit the Switch.

Excellent for bookworms


If you’re keen to pack all of your favourite novels on an E-reader to laze away your mornings by the pool, there’s a number of models to choose from depending on your budget. Released in 2016, the basic touchscreen Kindle is a straightforward choice and does what it says on the tin. The Kindle Voyage features a 6-inch touchscreen display with 300 pixels per inch quality; it also has an ambient light sensor, so the screen will adjust automatically to your current lighting conditions. The Kindle Oasis is the most luxurious choice of all, and comes with an elegant leather-fronted case which helps boost the device’s battery life to up to two months – longer than any other model.

Pro tablet

If you’d rather load all of your favourite books and movies onto a tablet, then Apple’s latest 10.5-inch iPad Pro is one of the best models available at the moment. The tablet features sensors to detect the light in your current surroundings, so it can adjust the colour temperature of the display accordingly. The effect helps the screen look like paper – which is especially handy for your bright, poolside conditions. It also includes a 12MP camera and 4k HD video facility for those that want to Instagram their fabulous ocean-view setting to make friends back home green with envy.

Alternative choice

If you’re in the market for a new tablet, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2 gives Apple’s iPad Pro a run for its money. The 9.7-inch display is perfect for day-to-day tasks – including watching movies. The impressive battery life offers approximately 10 hours of use including email, web browsing and watching movies – more than enough for your afternoon sunbathing session by the pool. It includes 3GB of RAM, which makes for a smooth, speedy performance – even when the device is doing multiple things at once. It comes fully-loaded with an array of Microsoft, Google and Samsung apps, so you can dive right into whatever you like straight out of the box.