Private Cinema Blockbusters

Submitted by admin on 2016/04/18 10:31:10 AM
Thailand’s most impressive private holiday villas offer a choice of screen options for guests that enjoy some movie time on holiday. Here’s a shortlist of the best films to chill out and watch whilst enjoying a quiet evening in. After busy day of of island exploration, sometimes there’s nothing better than returning to your private villa, tucking into some home-cooked Thai food and kicking back with a good movie. The best holiday villas on Phuket and Samui come with their own plush mini movie theatres, which are great for a fun family night in. Other more high-end villas even boast wall-mounted tvs and pull down projector screens – perfect if you want to remain in the cool of the pool whilst enjoying a good film. Many of the top rental properties in Thailand also feature their own top-of-the-line multi media systems, packed with thousands of movies to choose from. If the sheer level of choice is a little overwhelming for you, below are some top holiday movies to set the mood for a beachside escape. A Little More Action Point Break Whether you love or hate Keanu Reeves films, there’s more than a few people who consider the 1991 version of Point Break their absolute guilty pleasure. Keanu plays the good guy, an FBI agent called Utah, who tries to infiltrate a close-knit gang of surfers who he believes to be serial bank robbers. Utah battles it out on the waves with anti-hero Bodhi, played by Patrick Swayze. The lead characters even find time for sky diving as well. If you were ever in need of some surfing inspiration, let Point Break be it. If you’re already a fan of the classic version, why not try the Point Break remake that came out in 2015 starring Edgar Ramirez and Luke Bracey. Survival Skills Castaway Most people love to sit down in front of a good Tom Hanks movie, but Castaway may just be one of his best – especially if you want to appreciate stunning tropical island scenery that’s reminiscent of the beach adjoining your private villa. Directed by Robert Zemeckis, Castaway tells the tale of Chuck Nolan (Hanks) whose plane crashes over the Pacific, stranding him on a deserted island. With the help of his ever-faithful friend Wilson (who is actually a football), Chuck embraces nature and learns how to survive on the island. Beach Bliss Phi Phi If you’re on holiday in Thailand, there’s nothing that will get you in the mood for beach lounging whilst sipping on a coconut more than Danny Boyle’s The Beach. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, and based on the novel by Alex Garland, this movie was inspired by the exquisite beauty of the tiny islands dotted off the Eastern coast of Thailand. Despite the fact that the film is set on the islands surrounding Koh Samui, the movie was actually filmed on the Phi Phi islands not far from Phuket, off the opposite coast of Thailand. Ocean Adventures Ponyo If you want to fire up your kids’ imaginations about life under the sea without watching Finding Nemo for the 50th time, Ponyo is a top choice. Originally produced by Japan’s Studio Ghibli, the American version of the movie (Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea) was released in 2009 and was an instant hit. The film tells the story of a goldfish princess, Ponyo, who longs to become a human when she meets Sosuke, with whom she develops a friendship. This is a heartwarming tale of friendship, with plenty of magical adventures thrown in for good measure. Family Classic ET Sometimes it’s hard to beat a classic family movie if you’re on holiday with kids, and ET ranks alongside other cherished family films like Mary Poppins and The Wizard of Oz. Even though it was made back in 1982, this is a film that gets better every time you watch it thanks mainly to characters that capture the imagination. Directed by Steven Spielberg, ET tells the story of a young American boy who makes friends with an alien, and how he helps his new friend get back to his family back in outer-space.