Private Villa Birthday Bash

Submitted by admin on 2014/02/27 10:42:40 AM
Increasingly popular as wedding venues, private villas located on one of Southeast Asia’s splendid tropical islands are also the ideal place to hold a landmark birthday celebration you will never forget. If the prospect of celebrations at a local Italian restaurant with a bottle of red and a badly cooked pizza are giving you the “birthday blues”, why not make 2014 the year for a change? An increasing number of people are opting to ring in their milestone birthdays by throwing lively destination parties for their family and friends in far flung locations. With stunning natural scenery, world-class hospitality and a diverse selection of activities on offer, a private holiday villa in Southeast Asia is the perfect base for your birthday blowout and also offers the freedom to personalise each and every detail of a big bash, from the theme and decor to the food and entertainment. Timeless Themes 1950s style People that travel to islands like Phuket, Koh Samui or Bali to celebrate their birthday should make sure the theme of their party matches the magnificence of the accommodation and its location. A traditional theme is often a great way to infuse elements of the local culture, and guests will never forget gorging themselves on delicious local cuisine or dressing up in colourful costumes. Daytime pool parties are also a big hit with guests, especially if they are followed by an evening of cocktails and dancing. Guests celebrating a milestone birthday may even want to introduce a theme that celebrates the decade in which they were born. A 1950s soiree, for example, is a great way to celebrate your sixtieth birthday. Hairstyles, clothing, music and food can all be tailored to give the party that “wow” factor. Mouth-watering Menus King prawns Thailand is world-famous for its food. Sumptuous Thai buffets are particularly popular at birthdays on the Thai islands because they provide guests with an opportunity to sample dishes they may not see on menus in restaurants back home. Alternatively, barbecues are guaranteed to go down well at pool parties, and with a plentiful supply of fresh seafood on islands like Koh Samui and Bali guests can eat their fill of king prawns, crab and lobster. If you are hosting more of a sophisticated shindig, a professionally catered sit-down meal may be the way to go – particularly when it is served on your villa’s spacious terrace or garden overlooking the ocean. Engaging Entertainment Fire starter Unique entertainment can make a birthday gathering unforgettable for everyone attending, and holiday islands offer vast array of options for performances and music. A classy cocktail party may best be accompanied by the gentle strumming of an acoustic guitarist in the background, or even a performance by a live jazz outfit. If your guests are party animals, the thumping beats of a locally based DJ will soon get guests int the groove. Hiring Thai fire jugglers is another way to spice up the evening with a daring display and you can add a grand finale of fireworks to light up the night sky. Interesting Ice-Breakers Tall tales Games and ice breakers are a great idea if you’re bringing together a group of guests that don’t know each other too well. To start the proceedings, after dinner, sharing funny stories in a game of “Tall Tales” is guaranteed to liven up the atmosphere with a few laughs. Each guest puts their funniest story about the birthday boy or girl into a hat and the stories are mixed up before being re-distributed to the guests who then have to retell the tale until they find the person that wrote the story. Great Gifts Cruising Phuket If you are celebrating a milestone birthday in Thailand, why not make the whole trip one to remember? Instead of squeezing heavy gifts into your already over-stuffed suitcase, why not ask guests to put together and buy an experience you will all remember? A destination birthday offers a golden opportunity to explore another part of the world, and on your birthday, adventures should be enjoyed in style. Cruising the crystal seas of Asia on a private charter trip is one way to add a unique travel experience to a unique celebration.   by Wayne Hue