Radio Ga Ga

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If you didn’t have time to put together a playlist for your holiday then online radio stations provide a ready made selection of great music to play through your private villa's top-end music system. If you decide to spend your holidays in a luxurious private villa, then the chances are you are also going to want to make the most of your villas top of the range sound system, whether you are blasting a pool party playlist or simply listening to the news form home as you eat your breakfast. Most private rental villas now boast speedy internet connections, even on tropical islands, which means you can stream your favourite online radio stations straight to your computer or phone, which can easily be hooked up to the sound system. If you didn’t have time to create your perfect vacation soundtrack or even to upload a few audiobooks to your iPod; online radio stations offer a the ready made listening solution. Musical Moments Pool Party The great thing about playlists is that they offer the chance for you to become a DJ without actually having to lift a finger. Better still, if you tune into 8 Tracks online radio station, you don’t even have to put together a playlist. The station features themed playlists that other users have put together and offers a vast selection of curated combinations that are perfect for every kind of holiday mood, whether you are entertaining the family or sipping cocktails around the pool with your friends. Girly Gatherings & Bachelor Bashes Eurovision It's no surprise that private rental villas are growing in popularity as the ideal venue to host hen and stag parties. For the ultimate “getting ready to go out” soundtrack, Eurovision Song Contest Radio offers a laugh a minute and will have you and your best friends singing into hairbrush microphones and inventing your own dance routines. Meanwhile, for a more raucous singalong, the Irish Pub Radio Station offers a lively medley of classic pub favourites. A Bit of Everything Villa dining table In a quiet moment 'at home” on your villa while enjoying breakfast or lunch with your family or friends, you might want to catch up on news from around the world by tuning into the radio. The World Radio Network unites a plethora of programmes by public broadcasters in a single informative stream. The station covers everything from the latest breaking stories to informative in-depth features from all four corners of the globe. Music of Mindfulness Relax A private rental villa is the perfect place to relax, and if you hire the services of a private masseuse then you can recreate a relaxing spa experience without ever leaving your holiday home. Whisperings Solo Piano Radio is an online station that provides a platform for unsigned, talented pianists across the world to showcase their musical talent with a range of meditative, classical style compositions. These soothing melodies also create a wonderful soundtrack for a spot of relaxing yoga or even a gentle meditation session if you find the sound of the silence a little too overwhelming. Easy Reading Audiobook Although it may see, like absolute bliss to lie beside your pool with a chilled beer in your hand knowing you have nothing to worry about but your next one; there is also nothing wrong with engaging your brain a little while you soak up the rays. Audiobook Radio is a great option if you didn’t have time to update your iPod and you don’t fancy squinting your way through a novel under the midday sun. This spoken-word radio station broadcasts a sensational range of books, from quirky short stories to epic Shakespearian tragedies.