Refreshing Morning Moments

Submitted by admin on 2015/06/08 01:01:58 PM
While on holiday in Thailand you can take a break from your busy morning routine, slow down the pace, and savour the wonderful feeling of the sun on your face with a refreshing local beverage. On a tropical Thai island like Phuket or Samui, early mornings are a magical time of day and it's well worth the effort to drag yourself out of bed for some sightseeing before the tropical heat takes hold. After a trip to the local temple or a stroll around a nearby market bathed in golden light, you are probably going to need a refreshing pick-me-up. Fortunately, Thailand is famous for its tea stands and coffee shops, many of which offer something a little different than your regular chain store latte. Below are a few delightfully refreshing beverages to try on a sunny Thai morning. Milky Marvel thai-iced-tea-recipe-42-1367485544 As an invigorating morning cuppa, a frosted glass of luminous orange Thai milk tea is hard to beat. Thai milk tea contains a mouth-watering blend of strong black tea, sugar, condensed and regular milk served over ice. This concoction of ingredients gives its an irresistibly sweet flavour and a rich, creamy consistency that makes it the perfect sweet and filling pick-me-up. If you are feeling adventurous, season your tea with star anise or tamarind flavouring like the locals do. Refresh and Re-Invigorate limet If a milk tea is too rich for your morning brew, there are plenty of fruitier options on offer in Thailand to refresh and re-invigorate you. Dark Thai iced tea, known locally as Cha Dam Yen is traditional iced beverage served with no milk at all. For a punchier alternative, Cha Ma Now is also flavoured with zingy lime juice that is sure to wake up your taste buds. Cha Ma Now may also be flavoured with fresh mint herbs for those in search of a fresh, herbal taste. Rocket Fuel Iced-coffee There is no shame in needing a couple of strong coffees to get going in the morning. Bur rather than opting for a standard hot and frothy cappuccino, why not try a traditional Thai iced coffee to help keep you stay cool as the sun begins to beat down? Coffee junkies will appreciate this strong brew mixed with sweetened condensed milk and served over crushed ice. If you’re buying your morning java from a local street vendor rather than in a sit-down coffee shop, don’t be surprised if your coffee comes served in a plastic bag of ice rather than a glass. Herbal Heaven dubissap If you appreciate the health benefits of herbal tea, then Thailand’s tea shops will not disappoint. Aromatic infusions of lemongrass, roselle, chrysanthemum flower and pandanus are brewed with hot water, then chilled over ice and often flavoured with a little sugar to take the edge off. All these herbs are said to boast an array of health benefits from calming an upset stomach to soothing a headache. The perfect beverage choice before heading off to your morning yoga class. Sips for the Kids unnamed (2)_0 Children love iced teas blended into a frosty shake and Thai vendors have numerous colourful tea-shake concoctions to keep kiddies taste buds happy. Some of these colourful concoctions even include sweet tapioca pearls, black sesame seeds or even mini candies. The traditional Thai rice ball coffee, known locally as Cafe Yen Lua Mit comes with a handful of its own glutinous rice balls which little ones can gulp down through a straw.