Satisfy your sweet tooth

Submitted by admin on 2014/06/30 11:25:33 AM
Phuket is home to a plethora of cafes and bakeries that offer more than enough sugary treats to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. We all know that sugar is a dangerous addiction, but sometimes – particularly when you are on holiday – a healthy eating regime is worth breaking. Particularly when you have a choice of delectable sweet treats. Home to a generous sprinkling of exquisite patisseries and chocolatiers, Phuket is the perfect place to indulge your sweet tooth with a rich Viennese pastry, a buttery handmade chocolate or an icy gelato. If you thought that nothing could make you happier than gazing on pristine sugar white beaches and minty green waters, then think again - sugary treats cause our brains to release dopamine, which will make you even happier. Devilishly Sweet Diables cake If you are planning on a party, then Les Diables is the place to go. A new patisserie on Phuket created by renowned British chef Peter Webber, who picked up his culinary skills at many of the world’s top hotels, including The Savoy in London. Les Diables specialises in extravagant cakes to celebrate special occasions, from elaborate wedding cakes or kitsch birthday cupcakes. If you want to indulge the restaurant, which is located near Phuket’s Boat Lagoon, it is worth getting your villa’s personal concierge to make a reservation for you in advance. A Royal View Watermark patisserie If you have a particular penchant for mouth-watering baked goods, then The Watermark Patisserie may be the ideal sport for your afternoon tea. This patisserie can be found in a few locations across Phuket, and the headquarters on the by-pass road makes a handy stopover on an island tour. There's a delightful selection of homemade baked breads, cakes, pastries and even chocolates. Bake Off Bake Bake cafés, of which Phuket is home to three, offer the delights of a resort patisserie, chocolatier and a viennoiserie all rolled into one. Bake’s standalone café in Cherngtalay, just in front of Laguna Phuket, boasts the largest selection of namesake goodies. It is a great place to go if you are in charge of organising a large group (or have a few hungry children to please) whose members are all seeking a different kind of sugar high. With chocolate and almond croissants for mums and dads, creamy chocolate eclairs for hungry teenagers and candied chocolate and orange sticks for little ones, everyone is bound to find their sweet spot. Mamma Mia! Italian deli Bocconcino Phuket is so much more than a cake shop – it is an authentic Italian-style deli/patisserie that has quickly established itself as one of Phuket’s top destinations if you are in need of a sweet gourmet treat. Located near Surin Beach, Bocconcino offers up the delectable handiwork of Chef Alessandro Frau. In addition to freshly baked cakes and pastries, the deli also offers an array of fine olive oils, cold cuts, cheeses and wines if you are in the mood to take an Italian feast back to your villa. The restaurant also offers a “belissimo” array of traditional Italian dishes on its breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, including an Eggs Florentine that's become an island favourite. Treats Galore Cakebox With a dazzling menu that includes Hokkaido milk puddings, Nutella banana crepes and homemade strawberry shortcake, it is no wonder Cakebox is a mecca for sugar addicts on Phuket. The café’s Japanese maple toast has become an island-wide sensation. Cakebox began life as a computer repair store, but business-savvy owners began offering bored customers coffee and cake whilst they were waiting for their devices to be fixed. A few cappuccinos a day quickly transformed this small business into one of Phuket’s hippest afternoon hangouts for trendy young Thais and tourists. If you are curious as to whether Cakebox’s fruit parfé is as good as it looks online, head down to the café in Phuket’s Old Town. by Max Vee