Secrets of Samui

Submitted by admin on 2014/12/18 10:43:48 AM
Situated in the idyllic waters of the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Samui is becoming an increasingly high-end destination and draws sophisticated visitors back year after year. Nestled at the centre of an idyllic archipelago of islands, Koh Samui is recognised globally as one of the Thailand's top holiday destinations. From its breathtaking mountain scenery to its photogenic palm-fringed coastline, the island combines rare natural beauty with a wide range of upscale conveniences and hospitality services. Connected to Bangkok by more than a dozen daily flights, Samui attracts an increasing number of visitors each year, many of whom appreciate the taste of authentic island life on offer. Below are five good reasons to visit this glorious haven in the Gulf of Siam. Small is Beautiful Waterfall Unlike Phuket, Samui is quite a distance from the Thai mainland, which definitely adds to the sense of paradise found. Arriving by boat or plane, you immediately feel the small island atmosphere with only one road circling the island, and much of the interior is covered by a blanket of tropical flora. So if you really need to get away to somewhere peaceful and stress free, Koh Samui offers plenty of choices. Marine Magnificence Ang Thong The Ang Thong Marine Park is a jewel in the Thai Gulf that encompasses over 100 square km of protected islands and ocean, with lofty limestone hills, lush jungle and shimmering golden beaches all within easy reach. Samui is the ideal base for a day trip or boat charter around this web of islands, and simple accommodation on some of the larger islands is available for adventurous explorers that want to extend their trip. Healthy Holidays Yoga Koh Samui’s reputation for health and wellness has been growing fast in recent years and the island is an excellent choice for those that want to make the most of an escape to nourish the body and mind. A superb selection spa and wellness facilities cater to a range of needs – whether you are in the mood to enjoy pampering treatments or a full detox cleanse, plus beach yoga workouts and meditation classes. Koh Samui’s Kamalaya Wellness Centre and the famous Tamarind Springs Spa are just two of the world class options on offer to wellness seekers, while The Sanctuary on neighbouring Koh Phangan also offers an impressive selection of wellness packages and you can even indulge in treatments surrounded by the comforts of your own private rental villa. Beachside Bliss Beach Although the movie adaptation of Alex Garland’s novel The Beach was filmed around Koh Phi Phi on the Andaman side of Thailand, it was actually the Gulf of Thailand's islands that originally sparked his imagination. Koh Samui still boasts such tranquil shores today, but with the added appeal of private rental accommodation located right on the beachfront, a mere stone’s throw from the lapping waves. In fact, Samui boasts more beachfront villas than any other destination in Thailand, all of which offer top notch facilities to rival any five star hotel. Perfect Days Sunshine Rainy, or ‘green’ season, is a factor every traveller must consider when they make plans to visit a tropical country like Thailand. After all, the wet season plays an important part in making the eco-system thrive. While Phuket experiences a long wet season that lasts from May to November and therefore includes the traditional summer holiday months, Koh Samui basks under glorious sunshine and blue skies for most of the year, with only November known for its extended tropical deluge. For visitors to Samui, sun bathing weather, good visibility when snorkelling or diving and rich red sunsets are almost guaranteed.