Skin-tastic Thai Treatments

Submitted by admin on 2014/05/26 11:00:49 AM
Thailand is well known for its health giving spa treatments and the country’s top spa brands also produce a range of beneficial lotions and tonics to help keep your skin shimmering long after you leave the beach or poolside sun lounger. Many visitors travel to Thailand in search of a perfect golden glow, while for others, returning with a sun-kissed shimmer on their skin is simply the bi-product of a wonderful afternoon spent relaxing by the side of their villa’s private pool. Committed tan seekers that want to make the most of the sun’s powerful tropical rays when on holiday often prep their skin weeks in advance of their trip. Simple steps like exfoliating, either with a scrub or skin brush, and applying regular moisturising treatments, can transform an attractive shade of bronze into a lasting healthy glow. Thai people themselves are, of course, used to the sun and also well aware of the damage its rays can cause. They have therefore become experts at looking after their skin, and traditionally use natural herbs and lotions to keep it moist and UV resistant. Here are some body-care products to make sure you look your best after a few days in the sun. Even it out Prann Before they even reach for the sun cream, all serious sun-tanners know that exfoliation is the first step to a rich, even tan. Whether you exfoliate with a body brush or a fruity scrub, removing any dead cells on the outer surface of your skin ensures an even base for the tan. Prann – one of Thailand’s most celebrated spa brands – formulates its exquisite range of products with the aim of nourishing the skin. Its Relaxing Body Scrub combines sea salt, lychee seed and olive peel to give your skin a refreshing boost as well as banishing dead cells. Au Naturel Panpuri Panpuri’s signature Jasmine skincare range captures the delicate essence of this most special of Thai flowers. Free from toxins and rich in natural ingredients, the facial skincare range is the perfect treat to soothe your skin after a day in the sun. Packed with essential oils and active ingredients, Panpuri’s Jasmine range also helps to protect skin from harmful free radicals to preserve the appearance of vibrant, useful skin. Butter Me Up Lip butter When you are focusing on your tan, it is easy to forget the parts of your body that need moisture the most, and no one wants to look in the mirror and see a silky golden tan paired with chapped, dry lips. Those that want to look after their lips will certainly enjoy Thann’s creamy Nano Shiso Lip Butter. Containing a magical cocktail of natural ingredients including cocoa butter, shea butter, rice bran oil, argan oil, nano shiso and green tea extracts, this lip butter will restore the suppleness your lips are used to by protecting your skin from moisture loss. Happy Hair Conditioner Hair is another element easily forgotten when we are stocking up on products to minimise sun damage. However, the fact is that hair needs moisturising just as much as your skin does. If you want to feed your hair a nutritious treat, a good choice is Harnn’s Oriental Rose Revitalixing conditioner. The creamy conditioner contains nanosphere coenzyme 10 which infuses your scalp and hair with much-needed moisture. According to Eastern medicinal traditions, the sweet scent of oriental rose water is also meant to calm tension – just in case a day lounging by the pool didn’t relax you enough. Like Lemongrass c7df8c28955874b412f8639d220a5eb5 Visitors enjoying the sun on Phuket can pay a visit to Lemongrass House and pick up a few after sun essentials straight from the source. A spritz of LGH’s After Sun Aloe Vera Mist is the perfect way to hydrate sun-kissed skin with a little cooling moisture, as it also contains soothing extracts of cucumber and green tea. If you are suffering from sun burn, LGH’s Aloe Vera Gel from the same range will feel great when left to soak into your skin, particularly if you let it chill in the fridge for a few hours first. by Max Vee