Sleeping Beautifully

Submitted by admin on 2014/06/23 10:38:22 AM
A private villa is the perfect place to forget your alarm clock and catch up on those all-important hours of R.E.M sleep. A few techniques and accessories will help you wind down faster on arrival. You finally reach your private island holiday villa in Thailand with your phone switched off and your email set to auto-respond so that you can banish the hectic schedule you left back at home. With sightseeing and watersports planned for the trip, you want to ensure that you beat the jet lag and get a few solid nights of sleep before the fun starts. Being on vacation is the perfect time to catch up on those golden hours of restorative sleep so that return from vacation feeling refreshed and at the top of your game. Here are some bedtime tips to improve the quality of your slumber. Black Out Eye mask According to research, the production of melatonin – which is essential to get deep, restorative sleep – is inhibited by artificial night lights. That means everything from a glowing alarm clock to the light on your phone could be affecting the quality of your sleep. One of the best ways to get the best quality sleep is to eliminate all light. Wearing a sleep mask is an easy way to do this, and if you forgot to pack yours then remember to keep the one you are given on your flight. Many of Thailand’s private holiday properties also have bedrooms that feature blackout blinds and curtains, which means you can enjoy snoozing without the interruption of early morning sunlight. Wind Down Steam room Saunas and steam rooms have been used as a means to soothe the muscles and calm the mind for hundreds of years. Many of Thailand’s most luxurious private properties feature their own steam and sauna rooms, where a session will bring on a healthy bit of perspiration to flush out any toxins your body is holding onto. The balmy temperature also causes your body to release endorphins which act like natural soothers. The result? Droopy eyes and the blissful sensation of knowing the fluffy pillows of your king size bed are only metres away. Zap your Energy Swimming Everyone knows that a good session of cardio-vascular exercise will help you sleep better at night. Thirty minutes of aerobic exercise increases your body’s temperature by one or two degrees, where it will remain for several hours after your workout. However, once your body finally cools down, its temperature will drop to a lower level than if you hadn’t exercised, and a lower body temperature helps you sleep better throughout the night. Not to mention the fact that 30 laps in your villa’s infinity pool will have your muscles crying out for a good rest. Drift off in Style Thai compress Whether your muscles are sore from a long haul flight or a long walk on the beach, a Thai massage is one of the best ways to ease out the tension. With the help of your villa’s personal concierge, it is simple to hire the services of a personal masseuse and indulge in a few evening spa treatments in the comfort of your private villa. To ease you into a dreamy slumber, follow up your Thai massage with a hot herbal compress. Numerous medicinal herbs including zedoary, turmeric, lemongrass and kaffir lime are tightly bound in fabric and steamed until piping hot. The compress is then rolled over the entire body to soothe muscles and relieve tension. And...relax. Tea Time Tea If sipping on a steaming cup of tea is what it takes to relax you for bedtime, then why not choose a herbal tea that will ease you into a state of blissful relaxation? Chrysanthemum tea is caffeine free, so won’t get you wired right before bed time. It is also a natural coolant, so will help lower your body temperature to provide better sleep. Lemongrass tea is also a known natural cure for sleep disorders, as it relieves any underlying tensions and anxieties that can prevent us from dropping off. by Max Vee