Smart in the Sun

Submitted by admin on 2013/08/08 11:35:59 AM
Even when they are relaxing by a pool or on a tropical beach in Thailand, most girls still want to look and feel their best. With the right beach accessories close to hand, you can enjoy long days lounging in the sun while at the same time feeling refreshed, entertained and fabulous. Our resident beach belle, Rebecca Foster, shares some of her sun soaking tips. A good percentage of the 20 million visitors that arrived in Thailand last year (especially the female ones) spent at least part of their stay basking by a pool or on the beach and enjoying the country's kind tropical climate and refreshing sea breezes. If you're staying at a private villa, the added bonus of a private pool or beachside garden definitely helps you make the most of your sun lounger time. But even in luxury surroundings, it's always a good idea to pack a selection of accessories to make sure the holiday lives up to the fantasy you harboured whilst shivering in the dreary weather back home. Aside from the obvious sun protection and shades, an assortment of items will the help those lazy island days pass in absolute bliss. Tunes iSound_resize Everyone enjoys a little music on the beach or by the pool to get them in the holiday mood, but headphones can feel sticky and uncomfortable in the hot sun or even trap sand and water in your ears.  Concert to Go by iSound is a portable speaker case that connects to iPhones, iPods, smartphones and other MP3 players, and is fitted safely within a protected inner pocket. Pop in three AAA batteries, and your personal sound system is ready to rock. Bling Bangle watch_resize When it’s too hot for the girls to wear makeup, and exposure to sun, sea and sand sends hair into an untameable frizz, the right jewellery can be the difference between looking great or frazzled. Choosing a few versatile pieces that are suitable for daytime wear at the beach, as well as bar hopping at night will keep you feeling fab and also save space in that overstuffed suitcase. Excellent choices include bangle watches that can double up as bracelets, simple gold or silver hoop earrings or multicoloured beaded necklaces. If you can't find the right look before you leave;  local markets and handicraft stalls in Thailand sell a range of eye catching accessories that will definitely suit the scene. Cover sarong_resize A sarong is one of the most valuable items to either pack or buy on arrival when you holiday on an island. Available in a rainbow of colours and patterns, sarongs can be used as skirts, dresses and wraps, and even to protect your skin from the sun. What’s more, they can double up as a beach or picnic blanket on the beach. Another bonus is that despite their many uses, sarongs take up minimal space in your luggage, so there is always room to bring more than one if you like to mix it up. Words Kindle_resize If you plan on catching up on your reading whilst lounging, you should invest in some kind of e-reader tablet. Whether you prefer Amazon’s Kindle or Apple’s iPad, you can pack a whole host of holiday romances onto your e-reader, and it takes up hardly any room in your beach bag. What’s more, e-readers are designed to work in a variety of lighting levels (including bright sunshine), although it’s best to keep them away from the water unless you invest in a waterproof skin. Liquid Stay refreshed_resize In the scorching heat of a Thai afternoon, it is vital to remain hydrated or you run the risk of becoming sick on your precious holiday. If your lounging by the pool at your villa, a refreshing drink will never be far away, but if you prefer a secluded spot on the beach, one way to stay refreshed is to take your own drinks along in an expandable cooler bag. Whether you fill your cooler bag with bottled water or ice cold beers, the beverages will remain cooler for a lot longer, allowing you to keep on sipping throughout the day. by