Souvenirs of Thailand

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Thailand is a rich treasure trove of colourful and often unusual souvenirs that serve as the perfect reminder of a wonderful vacation. No matter your aesthetic preference, those looking to bring home a few special mementos or gifts will not be disappointed. The Kingdom is a treasure trove of hand-woven silks, intricately carved knick-knacks and dazzling silverware. However, visitors that want to take home something a little more unusual than a silk pashmina or a Buddha statue will find a wide range of goods available from Thailand’s markets and shopping boutiques. Whether you are seeking an intricate piece of jewellery or merely to recapture the zesty tang of a Thai curry, here are a few souvenir ideas to get you started. A Miraculous Massage jasmine_on_the_go_set A trip to Thailand is not complete until you have indulged in a Thai massage. Many visitors choose to pamper themselves with a few treatments at one of Thailand’s lavish spas, or even choose to hire the services of a masseuse in their private villa. For guests that want to transport the relaxation back to their home countries, luxury beauty brand Erb has bottled the magic of Thailand’s renowned spa treatments, selecting every herb to deliver a unique sensory feel. Erb’s tailored range of home spa products uses a blend of herbs, roots and flowers to aid home relaxation, and their Body Bliss Relaxant Massage Oil is no exception. The oil comprises a mixture of cinnamon to soothe muscles and black pepper to encourage blood circulation, and is the perfect souvenir of a Thai spa experience. Gems & Jewellery 52267_1 Since the 1980s, the Thai provinces of Kanchanaburi and Chanthaburi have been known as something of a goldmine for precious gems – particularly rubies and sapphires. In fact, Thailand has become something of a mecca for visitors in search of a striking piece of jewellery to remind them of their stay and Thailand’s jewellery market has grown considerably over the years, based on a strong foundation of high quality, expert craftsmanship and reasonable prices. Whether you are after a vivid cherry coloured ruby or the sparkling azure blue of a sapphire to complete your outfit, a piece of Thai jewellery is a keepsake that will last forever. Spicy Souvenirs green-curry-paste Visitors who have savoured and enjoyed the taste of Thai curries and soups throughout their vacation will be delighted to know it is now easy to recreate them at home – with the help of a little curry paste. Even if you didn’t find time to squeeze a cooking course into your itinerary, head to your local market or grocery store to check out the colourful range of seasonings on offer. While most Thai restaurants whip together curry pastes from scratch, it is possible to capture the crisp, aromatic flavour by purchasing a ready-made paste before you leave the Kingdom. Nguan Soon’s gourmet curry paste is particularly mouth-watering, and the Blue Elephant read made Thai curry packs offer a rich blend of chilli, lemon grass and spices will make your taste buds believe you have returned to your favourite vacation restaurant. Recline and Relax C:PicturesGrouped CatalogM) Miss HandicraftsM-233-BR-R-W-W.jpg Guests who have stayed in the lavish surroundings of one of Thailand’s luxury villas often strive to recreate the same relaxing atmosphere once they arrive back home, particularly when their chosen villa featured elements of authentic Thai décor. One way to re-create the ambience and look is to invest in some of Thailand’s famous triangular reclining cushions. The cushions have been used for centuries and are still traditionally offered in Thai marriage ceremonies as a gift for the bride and groom’s new house. Back home, Thai cushions are extremely versatile and can be used as a decorative object, for relaxation or even as a yoga accessory. Be sure to check customs regulations in your home country, however as some countries will not allow stuffed cushions to be imported. Coffee Kick Thai coffee beans While Vietnamese coffee may have established a strong reputation for its powerful aroma and creamy flavour, Thai coffee is just as sure to wake you up in the morning. The Land of Smiles is home to many coffee plantations, and taking home a blended bag of heaven not only helps you to remember your vacation, but it also supports the Kingdom’s coffee farmers. Mai Tai Coffee is one coffee brand; its beans are cultivated in the cool climate and rich soil of the north. Each farm employs organic farming techniques, with coffee plants tucked away under palm trees to ensure the cool shade necessary for cultivation of the best coffee. Blend your beans, add hot water and condensed milk and serve over ice to re-create the perfect Thai iced coffee. by