Spa Souvenirs

Submitted by admin on 2014/08/18 10:24:54 AM
An array of tempting spa products are available for holiday-makers to buy in Thailand, which means those that want to continue their relaxing treatments and therapies at home can gather most of the ingredients they need as practical souvenirs. For many people, a holiday is a cherished opportunity to take a break from a busy everyday schedule and enjoy some quality time with friends and loved ones, which is precisely why private villas rentals on the Thai islands have become so popular run the last few years. Visitors to Thailand also know very well that a trip to the spa is one of the best ways to relax and unwind. Whether you prefer soothing aromatherapy massage treatments or invigorating Thai massages, it is good to know that you can take some of that indulgent spa experience back home with you once your vacation is over. Below are some top Thai spa souvenirs to help you recreate your holiday pampering sessions. Go Herbal Herbal balm As well as offering a truly irresistible perfume, herbal balm has many uses both in and out of the spa. To begin your spa session, why not scent your bath water by filling a bag with herbal balm and rose petals and letting the water run through it to create your own private aromatherapy session? Balm can also be rubbed into the skin as a subtle perfume, or even used to calm insect bites and soothe aching muscles. Harnn’s Black Pepper Herbal balm is a good example that’s widely available at stores in most of the main shopping malls. It balances the warming effects of black pepper with the nourishment of cocoa, shea butter and rice. Magnificent Massage Massage oil There is nothing quite so blissfully relaxing as an authentic Thai massage, whether it is enjoyed within a dedicated spa or within the comfortable surroundings of your private villa. To re-create your spa experience back home, pick up a selection of fragrant massage oils for a loved one to practice their own massage techniques on you. Thai specialists, Thann, offer a wide variety of exquisite massage oils including their Oriental Essence Bath and Massage Oil. This product combines the relaxing properties of rice bran oil and essential plant oils, including lemongrass and kaffir lime. Massage Ball Massage ball Herbal massage compresses, known in Thailand as lub pra kop, have been used in traditional Thai massage for centuries. Each compress is filled with a unique combination of authentic medicinal herbs before being heated up. The fragrant parcel is then used as part of a massage treatment to help ease muscle, back and joint pains. Compress balls work by increasing energy flow to the skin, which relaxes tension in the area in addition to revitalizing your energy stores. This product is well worth picking up from a Thai spa if you often suffer from nagging aches and pains. The Essentials Essential oil There is more to a complete spa experience than receiving a massage. Visiting a spa is also about enjoying the relaxing atmosphere while you are being pampered. To re-create the very same atmosphere in your own home, there are a selection of aromatherapy oils you can pick up whilst you are still in Thailand. The unique scent of each essential oil offers different healing qualities, so you can pick which one you like based on how it makes you feel. Aromatherapy candles, scent diffusers and glass burners also make great decorations. Thann’s Jasmine Blossom Pure Essential Oil helps relieve anxiety, and should be at the top of our shopping list. Time for the Tub Bath salt A long, hot soak in the tub is the perfect way to round off any spa experience. Why not make your bath time a little more spa-like by popping some bath salts into the water? Harnn’s boutique in Bangkok’s Siam Paragon mall is a convenient place to pick up your bath salts before a flight home. Their Oriental Rose Bath Salt offers a rich blend of fragrant rose oil, clove bud and lemon peel oil. Is also uses natural sea salt to remove dead skin cells and help detoxify the skin.