Splashing Time at your Private Villa

Submitted by admin on 2015/07/06 10:41:22 AM
Families that choose to stay in one of Thailand’s world leading holiday rental villas will enjoy access to a private swimming pool that offers parents and children with hours of indulgence and entertainment. To keep the kids entertained, there are plenty of pool games you can play when there are no other guests to upset or annoy. When you’re a child, there are few prospects more exciting than the expanse of a private swimming pool where you can splash around as much as you like. Families planning a holiday in Thailand will therefore be delighted to learn that many of the Kingdom’s private holiday rental villas come with their own swimming pool, which means kids can splash, dive and bomb into the pool to their heart’s content. To focus their energy, it’s always a good idea to organise a few different games in your villa’s pool, so below are a few ideas… Swim In Sync Syncchronised swimming If you’re on holiday with kids that prefer to take part in activities a little more elegant than bombing, a synchronized swimming show is the perfect poolside project. First of all, get your little ones to watch a few videos on You Tube to inspire their own routine. Then let them pick out a tune to blast out on your villa’s sound system so they can come up with choreography. After a few hours (or even days) of practice, the parents can sit back and enjoy the show. Healthy Competition Underwater When they’re excited about being on holiday, children are always full of beans. If you want to make sure they sleep well when bed time rolls around, it’s best to think of a few ways for them to expend some of that extra energy. If you have multiple kids on holiday with you at a villa, then why not organize some swimming races? You can hold races in different strokes, and the winners and dinners up can be awarded special prizes. If you want to give the competition an extra edge, hold underwater races as well to see who can hold their breath for the longest. Search and Recover Water bottle Bottle search is another simple but incredibly entertaining pool game. First of all, find a clear water bottle with a cap the same colour as the tiles on the bottom of your pool. Next, fill the bottle with water and get your kids to turn around and close their eyes before you drop the bottle into a different part of the pool. After ten seconds, kids can open their eyes and start their search for the bottle on the pool floor – it’ll be more camouflaged than you think. Shark Attack! 15844311-Happy-smiling-family-underwater-in-swimming-pool-Mother-and-children-swim-and-having-fun-Kids-sport--Stock-Photo Shark attack is a great game for mums and dads that want to get involved in the pool fun. It’s a variation on ‘tag’ in which players can jump in and out of the water whenever they like. As you may have already guessed, the shark is ‘it’ and it’s his or her job to tag other players in the pool so they become ‘it’. Players are only allowed to be out of the water for a maximum of five seconds, and to make things even more interesting, you can give your shark the edge of a natural predator by equipping them with fins and a snorkel as well. Noodle Joust Noodle A little noodle jousting in your villa’s pool is a great way to have a splash about in the sun. Instead of riding horses into battle, your kids can ride inflatable rafts instead. Just like their medieval counterparts, they then try their best to knock their opponents off their raft using a less than deadly weapon – a pool noodle. Once a whole team has toppled into the water, they are well and truly beaten.