Succulent Thai Meat Dishes

Submitted by admin on 2016/10/03 11:14:32 AM
Whether it’s chicken, pork, beef or duck, Thailand’s rich culinary repertoire boasts plenty of meat dishes to tickle the taste buds of hungry visitors. As well as its dreamy beaches and stunning scenery, Thailand’s exquisite cuisine is something that brings visitors back to the Kingdom time and time again. Whether you’re dining at a Michelin-starred Bangkok restaurant or enjoying local specialties at a road-side street food stall, there’s always a fabulous new dish to try – and many of them include a choice of meat. Visitors staying in one of Thailand’s private rental villas can even have a professional chef cook up a selection of mouth-watering dishes in their own kitchen with choices ranging from succulent chicken to crispy pork. Below are a few ideas for Thai meat dishes to put on your must-try list. Golden Goodness gai-pad-pongali If you like your Thai food with a little bit of spice to it, then gai gad pongali is a winner. This irresistible chicken curry is crafted from a concoction of onions, tomatoes and peppers all of which are marinated in a delicate Thai yellow curry paste. For extra delicious goodness, this delicious golden-coloured dish is thickened with an egg that is cracked into the sauce. Once it’s all cooked a crunch of fresh parsley is added for a unique, flavoursome boost. Have your chef serve this up with rice for the ultimate evening meal feast. Hearty Hot Pot 1416221840-5632156006-o If you’re in the mood for something warm rather than spicy, a steaming pot of Jim Jum broth could be the order od the day. Relax and take your time over this hot pot dish – it’s a great choice for a social, sharing meal with friends. A small clay pot filled with pork or beef infused aromatic broth sits above a bed of charcoal to keep it hot. Your villa’s staff will serve the dish with an assortment of raw veggies including cabbage and morning glory, pork, liver, glass noodles and Thai basil. The raw ingredients are then added to the pot until they are cooked to perfection at the table for you to enjoy. Delicious Duck


Roasted duck is the ultimate delicacy when it comes to Asian meat dishes. Thanks to its higher fat content, duck has a fuller, richer flavour than chicken and is therefore the perfect choice for an indulgent feast. The Thai version of roasted duck is generally served on a plate of fluffy rice with a selection of cuts and the option to drizzled the meat with the delicious stock. If you’re planning a private villa dinner party, this is the ideal meal to add a touch of sophistication. Barbecued Bliss


If you’ve ever strolled around a Thai fresh market and found your nostrils picking up on the delicious savoury aroma of roasting meat, it’s likely that your senses are being tantalised by barbecued chicken, known locally as gai yang. This wonderful marinated meat dish can be found just about everywhere in Thailand and serves as an extremely satisfying meal when served alongside a spicy helping of Som Tam – green papaya salad. For a barbecue lunch at your private villa, this wonderful chicken dish simply must be part of the menu. Mild & Marvellous


Kao Moo Dang is the perfect choice for meat lovers that enjoy a big plate of indulgent, satisfying comfort food – and it is certainly something your villa’s private chef will be able to whip up with a little advanced notice. Thin slices of barbecued pork and Thai sausage are served atop a fluffy bed of rice. Pork-flavoured red gravy is then drizzled over the top for a warm hug of flavour before the whole dish is sprinkled with coriander and green onions. The crowning glory of this dish is a marinated hard boiled egg served on the side.