Techno Party Planning

Submitted by admin on 2014/09/25 10:22:19 AM
With a wide range of mobile apps now available to download when planning a private party, it's never been easier to host a special celebration, even if you're miles from home. If you choose a private rental villa in Thailand as the venue, your event may well be one to remember – for you and your guests. If you are heading out to Thailand to celebrate a milestone event, one of the private villas on Koh Samui or Phuket may just be the perfect venue. No matter if it's a wedding, birthday, anniversary or even a company excursion, the facilities on offer at most upscale holiday properties in Thailand cater perfectly to a private parties. When it comes to party planning, with the help of your dedicated villa manager and a few handy party planning apps, hosting the perfect event has never been a more attainable goal. Below are some great apps to help you host the party of the year. Plan A, Plan B Pro Party Planner Simple Soiree is a handy party planning app that was actually designed by a professional event planner. It factors in all of the important details that are so important when hosting an event, including shopping lists, to-do lists, invitations and RSVPs. Pro Party Planner is another useful app to have on your phone, because it provides just about everything – from party planning timelines to a delegation function that assigns tasks to other users. By importing guest lists, you are able to set reminders for multiple users and even Facetime them from within the app. Mix It Up Cocktail No party is complete without a selection of delectable beverages, and when you’re enjoying a poolside soiree in Koh Samui or Phuket, refreshments often include cocktails. If you aren’t entirely confident in your own abilities as a mixologist, why not download Mixologist – a handy app that gives you access to a database of more than 7000 drinks and a comprehensive guide to bartending. Alternatively, Speakeasy Cocktails is also packed with delicious cocktail recipes, as well as cocktail making techniques and essential ingredients. Food By Phone Party nibbles Some people go to parties to have a good time and hit the dance floor. Others go in the hope of filling their stomachs with a sumptuous array of exquisite party food. Pepperplate is the ideal app to download if you are having any trouble brainstorming the right menu for your party guests. This app generates its own shopping lists and can scale recipes depending on the number of guests you invite. If you can’t be bothered to brainstorm recipes yourself, with the help of your villa manager it is easy to hire a professional chef or catering service to ensure delicious dishes get the taste buds partying. Game for Anything Charades Whether you are celebrating with family or with friends, a few well-chosen party games can help create a fabulous party atmosphere. Classic games like charades have been around for decades, but newer party games can also bring a fresh new vibe to the festivities. Reverse Charades, for example, groups players into two teams and rather than having one person act out clues to everyone else, this version has a whole team act it out to one person. The extra teamwork required is all part of the fun, and it's a great ice breaker for guests who may not already know each other well. Sounds Good Disco Whether you are hosting an elegant dinner party or a poolside bash; no party is complete without a soundtrack that hits all the right notes. Party Mixer offers you the opportunity to blast out your own playlists through the villa’s top notch sound system, playing two songs simultaneously or cross-fading between songs. Don’t worry about trying to sound like a professional DJ – the app’s AutoDJ mode is specifically designed to do that for you.