Thai Chef Specials in a Private Villa Thai Chef Specials in a Private Villa

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Thailand’s private villas are the perfect place to sample an array of exquisite Asian cuisine. With dishes cooked to order by your personal chef you can focus your dishes on the flavours and ingredients you love the most. If you’re staying in one of Thailand’s luxurious  private villas whilst on vacation, one of the true highlights of the experience is being able to feast on a plethora of mouth-watering dishes without even having to leave the comfort of your amazing holiday home. Many of the country’s high-end villas also come with their own dedicated team of staff, including a professional chef, which means you can choose  which dishes you would like to try on a daily basis with honest guidance from a culinary expert. At the beginning of your stay, you will have the chance to sit down with your villa manager and put together an irresistible menu of dishes including all  meals you want to eat in the house during the stay. The best part is, all of the dishes can be tailored to suit your own tastes and inspirations. Below are a few of guest favourites. Crispy appetizer Wonton When it comes to appetizers, delicious finger food that you can nibble on before delving into the main course always goes down well. Fresh prawn wontons, served alongside an exquisitely presented salad, are one of the  favorite dishes in Thailand  to get the taste buds going. Throw in a homemade sweet chili dip, and you’re onto a winner. The best thing about homemade villa food is that all the produce used is as fresh as can be, so you can look forward to the gorgeous golden crunch of the wonton casing before the full, flavorsome impact of the fresh prawn hits your taste buds. Thai Favourites Green curry With a professional chef on hand to tailor all dishes to yours and your family’s personal tastes, a villa holiday is  the perfect time to try a selection of classic Thai favorites, including green curried chicken. The meat in this dish is cooked in a flavorsome, coconut milk-based source, and the chef adds an array of herbs and spices to the mix to make it even more exquisite. Lemongrass, basil leaves, peppercorns, galangal and chili give the curry its unique taste. If you’re not a fan of food that’s too fiery, you can ask your chef to reduce the amount of chilies going into the curry paste. Chicken Crunch Chicken with cashew If you’re in the mood for a satisfying meal that packs a powerful punch in terms of protein, then stir fried chicken with cashew nuts is the ideal choice. The tender stir-fried chicken pieces provide  a gorgeous contrast to the delectable crunch of the cashews, so you won’t be able to stop adding helpings of this dish to your plate. Dry peppers add a bit of heat to the sauce, as well as providing a colorful garnish. Soy sauce, fish sauce and brown sugar form the rest of this irresistible concoction. Taste of the Sea 1358217964 If you enjoy the flavors of the ocean, then be sure to ask your chef to cook deep fried fish with tamarind at least once during your stay at the villa. When eating this dish in Thailand, you’ll usually be served snapper or tilapia, and they may come filleted or whole. This crispy dish is perfect if you’re in the mood for a treat, and the fish will be fried in a scorching wok for at least 10 minutes on each side to ensure that the perfect texture is achieved. A delectable marinade of garlic, chilies, tamarind paste and coriander leaves gives the fish its gorgeous flavor. Secret Recipe Marinade Staying in a private villa provides the opportunity to sample a few Thai dishes that you may never have heard of before – including secret recipes developed exclusively by the villa’s own chef. For example, at breathtaking  Ban Suriya on Koh Samui, the villa’s secret grilled marinated chicken recipe is likely to be one of the finest Thai flavors you will ever taste. Guests are also in a privileged position as they can organise impromptu cooking lessons with the villa’s chef, so they have the opportunity to learn his delectable secret recipes for themselves.