The Right (place) to Party

Submitted by admin on 2015/03/26 11:40:37 AM
A private rental villa in Thailand is the ideal venue to host a party – no matter the occasion. The added privacy, space, personalised facilities and services alone provide plenty of reason to celebrate. Over the last thirty years, Thailand has become one of Asia’s premier tourism destinations, home to world class hospitality offerings including a vast array of appealing private villas for rent. The Kingdom is also well known as an ideal choice for people looking to host a special celebration, whether they are tying the knot or gathering to mark another special milestone in their lives. Not only do Thailand’s private villas offer the extra space you need for entertaining; they also boast a fantastic array of facilities and dedicated staff to make sure guests are well taken care of. Below are a few ideas for different types of celebrations to host in your private villa. Wonderful Weddings Wedding There are no celebrations more special than a wedding, and Thailand’s private villas offer one key element that every wedding needs – the wow factor. Many of the Kingdom’s villas have direct access to the beach, which means it’s easy for the bride and groom to say their vows with the sand between their toes before heading back inside to enjoy a sumptuous catered feast in the comfortable air-conditioned interior of the villa. Glittering views of the sapphire-blue ocean also offer the happy couple a wonderful backdrop for their wedding photographs. Amazing Anniversaries Rear View of Senior Couple Walking Alone on A Tropical Beach If it’s a romantic celebration you are after, Thailand’s private villas are not only popular destinations for weddings, but also for anniversary parties as well. In fact, the stunning surroundings have inspired many couples to renew their vows in the Kingdom. If your loved ones are flying out to celebrate the special occasion with you, then renting a large villa would is definitely the most convenient option in terms of accommodation, as everyone can stay together rather than being squeezed into several hotel rooms on different floors. The extra living space is also convenient for the day of your celebration, whether you are planning on a formal sit-down meal whipped up by your villa’s professional chef, or a barbecue on the outdoor sun terrace. Perfect Pool Parties Pool If friends and family are flying out to Thailand to enjoy a big celebration like a wedding or anniversary party, then you should make sure their long-haul journey is worth it. Why not welcome your loved ones by throwing a pool party at your private villa? The kids can jump into the pool and splash around with inflatable pool toys while the adults can lounge around and chat with chilled cocktails in hand while they wait for the seafood barbecue to be served up. Many of Thailand’s villas also have high-tech sound systems so you can play a few chilled pool party anthems for everyone to enjoy. Delicious Dinners Gourmet A dinner party is a great way to get to know any new friends you have met on holiday, and inviting them round to enjoy meal prepared by your villa’s professional chef offers a much more personal experience than going out to a restaurant. The best thing about hosting a dinner party at your private villa is that you get to personalise the menu so you can feast on delicious dishes of your choosing. Not only that, but you and your guests can enjoy as many bottles of wine as you like without having to worry about closing time. Birthday Bonanzas Treasure hunt A private villa is the perfect place to hold a birthday party, especially if one of your little ones is celebrating a birthday whilst you are on vacation. Kids can invite the new friends they made on the the beach, and they have the run of the villa to burn all their energy. If you are feeling creative and want to keep kids occupied for a few hours, a treasure hunt in the villa garden is a great way to kick off the party. Follow that up with a buffet inside and an evening of Disney and popcorn in your villa’s TV room to make your birthday boy or girl feel extra special.