The Villa Satisfaction Survey (Part One)

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With the end of the world now safely past, thoughts turn to the winter holiday season and the smartest travellers have already booked themselves a tropical island villa to escape the cold. With all the doom and gloom predictions floating around the web, even staying indoors is chilling, so renting a private holiday pad is definitely the right way to go. To help you plan your own version of paradise, we asked some of our regular guests what their top choices are for the ultimate private villa break. The most popular answers say it all. Booking a private villa is easy these days. You can browse a wide selection of stunning properties online in a range of dream destinations (you've probably done that already if you reached this blog), then choose your favourite escape, book it, and fly off into the sunset. Once you arrive and kick off your shoes, you'll find the peace and comfort of the property itself is easily matched by the joys of total freedom — the opportunity to do things your own way, whenever you want to, and to your own schedule. Ironically, such freedom is best enjoyed with bit of planning and preparation, which will help guarantee that you get the absolute best from the villa experience and return to the real world relaxed, refreshed and ready for anything (even doomsday). Below are some answers to questions we asked some of our regular villa guests that will help you decide how to the make the most of your 'home away from home." The first question we asked was… "What the first thing you like to do when you arrive at a villa on holiday?" The answer to this question varied, depending on factors such as the villa's location, time of arrival and reasons for the trip (family holiday, celebration, romantic escape etc). But by far the most popular response was…

"Slip on the swimmers and jump in the pool".

Who can argue with that? Especially when the pool in question is large, private, well lit at night and often comes with stunning sea views right from the water. Pool at Baan Asan Pool at Baan Asan Next we asked … "What the best way to settle in and feel at home?" We expected the top answer to this one to be unpacking or having a shower, but no. The first thing on most people's minds after a long flight was...

"Food and drink"

This is one holiday indulgence where villa's really come into their own. With an on-site team of staff on hand to welcome you, it's easy to arrange snacks and refreshments on arrival or even to order a home cooked meal prepared by the private chef and served with a nice bottle of wine. You can sit down in comfort, take in the surroundings and relax into holiday mode with a celebratory feast. Baan Hinyai   On-site team of staff on hand Then we moved onto daily pleasures, and asked… "What is the one thing you like to do every day on a villa holiday?" Again, the answer we expected — to go swimming — was not the one we got most. Across all our main destinations: Phuket, Koh Samui and Bali, most people said the one indulgence they enjoy most on a daily basis was…

"A Massage"

Don't forget the people was asked are experts. As regular villa guests they pick and choose their pleasures carefully and with top quality spa treatments readily available in the privacy of your own private holiday home, a massage has become a favourite daily indulgence that really takes the stress away. Baan Kilee   Top quality spa treatments readily available in the privacy of your own private holiday home   Of course, on a tropical island, outdoor pursuits are always at the top of the holiday wish list, but private villas also offer a wealth of comfort and entertainment indoors.
Home entertainment, Ban Mekkala
A wealth of comfort and entertainment indoors   Next we asked our guests … "So what drags you inside the villa, away from the pool and beach?" There were actually two answers that came out on top for this question…

"Watching TV or a long soak in the bath"

Perhaps it's not a surprise to learn that it was mainly the guys who chose the TV option. Most villas come with a flat screen and satellite connection, so you never have to miss a game. Then of course there's the chance to catch up on your DVDs in air-conditioned comfort and some villas even come with private cinema rooms or pull down projector screens. The girls, on the other hand, felt a little private time with some bubbles and a good book was a far more enjoyable way to make the most of the private facilities.
Ensuite Bathroom at Baan Puri
Ensuite Bathroom at Baan Puri With so much at your fingertips when staying in a private villa, we also wanted to know what would tempt people to venture out, so next we asked… "What's the main reason for leaving the villa during your holiday?" Once again, two answers topped the list for this question, but one choice just took the lead when the counting was done…


This time there was no great male/female divide, although some guys said they would add a could of drinks in a bar to the retail excursion. In fact, a night out on the town was the answer that came a close second. Once again, the joy of a private villa on islands like Phuket, Samui or Bali is that you are rarely too far from the more lively parts of the island, so when you do get the urge to browse the local shops or party the night away, you are often only a short taxi ride away. Interestingly though, most people said they only went out once or twice on a longer villa break and many of our short stay guests said they never bothered at all.
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Beach wear shopping We'll be posting more answers from our Villa Satisfaction Survey in future blogs, so keep your eye out for some more tips from the experts — our guests — and in the meantime start planning your very own tailor made escape.       by