Time for a Babymoon?

Submitted by admin on 2014/07/21 10:32:58 AM
If you are counting down the days until your new-born arrives, then perhaps a relaxing vacation is just what you need before two becomes three. A private villa is the perfect choice for a bit of pre-natal "you time". For many couples, nothing is more exciting than waiting to meet your new-born baby together. Whether you are expecting for the first time or the fifth, you are probably already aware of all the work a tiny tot can be. As such, an increasing number of couples nowadays are choosing to take "babymoons" – otherwise known as romantic breaks taken whilst you are expecting a child. Taking some time away from planning nurseries and organising maternity/ paternity leave can be a blessed relief for many parents-to-be. As a destination, Thailand couldn’t be better as a place to kick back, relax and enjoy a stress free break at your own private villa. Below are some tips to make the most of a pregnant trip to the Land of Smiles. All about Timing A woman holds her stomach at the last stages of her pregnancy in Bordeaux When it comes to babymoons, it is wisest to plan the dates for your break according to your pregnancy rather than when the peak travel seasons are. For pregnant ladies, the second trimester is the best time to travel because morning sickness is likely to have eased by this time and you will not be transporting an unmanageable bump just yet. Luckily for babymooners, Thailand is a great place to visit at any time of year. Even the green season offers plenty of sunny days for you to enjoy the tropical climate, cooled by occasional refreshing showers. Food, Glorious Food Food Once they are born, babies tend to take up all your time and attention. This means that the time you may have once spent preparing delicious home cooked meals is no longer unavailable and you are forced to grab a quick bite whenever you can. With this in mind, why not treat yourself to a culinary extravaganza whilst you are on holiday in Thailand? Guests staying in a private villa can avail themselves of a private chef, who can whip up everything form an English breakfast to a Thai feast in your villa’s own kitchen. The bonus of having your own chef rather than going to a restaurant is that you can talk menu choices through to make sure the ingredients are suitable for your delicate condition. Spa Time Young pregnant woman enjoying in spa treatment. If bungee jumping and scuba diving were on your bucket list of things to do in Thailand before you got pregnant then you will probably have to wait a few more years for those thrills. However, the Kingdom isn’t just a playground for thrill seekers – there are plenty of more relaxing options available for couples who want to take it easy for a couple of weeks. If pregnancy is taking its toll on your body, why not book yourself into one of the many spas scattered across Samui or Phuket for a specialist pregnancy massage? Better still, hire a personal masseuse to come to your private villa so you can enjoy some luxurious spa therapies without even having to leave the poolside Rest and Relaxation Relax When you are pregnant, there is no doubt that you need to be a little more selective when it comes to vacation destinations than you might normally be. Thailand is one of the best all round destinations on the planet and home to a superb tourism infrastructure that means you will never be too far away from anything you need, whether that is a glittering mall, a fabulous restaurant, a pristine white-sand beach, or even top quality medical support. With a welcoming population, many of whom speak English, Thailand is the ideal destination for a vacation that leaves simply nothing to worry about. Plan Ahead Mocktail Thailand is ripe with opportunities for exploration, but it is extra important to take care of yourself if you have a baby on the way. A private villa offers up all the facilities you need for a relaxing break without worrying about potential risks. Imagine spending the afternoon in the cool shade of a hammock next to your villa’s private pool, followed by an evening of movies in the villa's own mini movie theatre? Of course, all of this is more enjoyable with a chilled beverage, and with the abundance of fresh, tropical fruit in Thailand you can ask the staff to get creative with some new mocktail recipes.   by Max Vee