Travelling Well

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Essential accessories can help ensure that you stay fresh and relaxed from the start of your flight until you check into the calming surroundings of your private villa. Despite the fact that sitting on a long haul flight requires very little physical activity, there are very few ways to guard against a drained and tired feeling once you arrive at your destination. Your skin is dehydrated, your hair is flat, and let’s face it… you don’t usually look your best by the time the first meal is served on the plane. For those that want to maintain a certain level of style and freshness, even on a long haul flight, carefully chosen travel accessories can help guard against any tell-tale signs of in-flight exhaustion. Whether its elegant carry-on cases or super comfy travel cushions for your kids, the best travel accessories on the market are designed to help you look and feel your best. Globe Trotter Globe trotter case The retro-glam appeal of Globe Trotter’s 21-inch Safari suitcase is undeniable. Measuring 54x38x18cm, it is perfectly sized for all your carry-on essentials (although it is always best to check specific measurements for the airline you are flying with). Handcrafted in the UK, Globe Trotter revived the luxurious Safari range to celebrate the brand’s iconic luxury. The case features polished brass hardware with matching locks to keep all your belongings safe, in addition to an exquisite damask silk lining with interior straps. With two wheels and retractable leather handle, this case is also easy to handle in the airport. And there is no need for modest travellers to worry about attracting too much attention with an indigo case – it comes in black as well. Gloves On Reflexology If you have trouble with the aches and pains of long haul travel then these reflexology gloves and socks may be the perfect accessory to keep you relaxed for the duration of your flight. Reflexology is an ancient healing art based on the idea that certain areas of your feet correspond to certain areas of your body. By working out the tension in your feet, the rest of your body will feel better too. While most people believe reflexology is only for the feet, the principles actually apply to hands as well. Reflexology socks and gloves come with various organs of the body labelled on them, so all you have to do is ask your travel companion to apply pressure to the clearly indicated point and stimulate a sense of well being. Mirror, Mirror Beauty case From a make-up to dry shampoo picked up in the Departure Lounge, some ladies (and some gents) need a selection of beauty products to help them look their best on a long-haul flight. This also means they need the apparatus to transport such items safely and stylishly. The beauty case from Samsonite’s Cosmolite Collection is the answer. Not only is the case strong, it is also lightweight and easy to carry or pack into your carry-on luggage. The spacious interior and pockets provide plenty of room for all of your beauty and grooming products, and there's even a waterproof pocket in case you didn’t screw any of the lids on properly. One for the Boys 55829-015-0147-004500003 It's probably true that less men need an expansive array of items to keep them feeling fresh throughout a long haul flight. In fact, they will probably be able to fit all of their essential accessories into a modest but stylish leather case like the one by Aspinals of London. Hand-crafted from Cognac Italian calf leather and lined with Aspinals’ signature monogrammed silk, this compact bag is just the right size to pack inside your carry-on case. It’s small size and soft texture also mean its ideal for overnight excursions aboard superyachts or at a party in a friend's luxury private villa. Bedtime Help OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Getting to sleep on a plane is a tough job for anyone. For parents travelling with kids, however, the pure excitement of the vacation and an in-flight entertainment system packed with games can make it impossible to settle the little ones into slumber. One way to make them at least sleep for a few hours on the plane, however, is simply to make sure they're comfortable. Jet Rest offers a selection of pillows specifically designed for children so their heads are kept upright while sleeping. They even come in funky animal designs so you can let the little ones choose their own favourite. by Wayne Hue