Tropical Island Styling

Submitted by admin on 2014/06/16 01:25:26 PM
The days of disposable camera snaps are long gone – welcome to the era of the high-resolution holiday portfolio. But how do you look your best by the pool, on the beach or that a special night out? With your photographs now often splashed across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it has never been more important to look stylish when you're caught on camera. Looking your best on holiday means considering the whole style package, from your hair do to your heels. Sizzling temperatures can add complications to your usual beauty and wardrobe regime, so it’s best to have a few ideas up your sleeve to maintain an effortless air of holiday chic. Here are some hints and tips to ensure that your holiday style dazzles this summer... High Impact Kim Kardashian Whether you are lounging by the pool or heading to the nearest beach club for sunset cocktails; your hair is one of the best ways to make an impression. High temperatures mean that hair-down styles for women are usually a no-no. After all, nothing looks worse than a humid hair-do that loses all of its volume. Instead of fruitlessly styling loose hair that will inevitably tumble out, experiment to find the up-do that best suits your face shape. Round faces look best with a little softness in their style, so adding volume at the crown and styling with a fringe is a good idea. Square faced folk should show off their striking jawlines with an style that is cleanly swept back off the face – a simple ponytail level with your eye line works wonders. Marvellous Make-up Makeup We probably don’t need to tell you that sticky foundation, eyeliner and lipstick that slides off your face in the afternoon sun is not a good look. Heavy makeup in the tropics will also block your pores, making it particularly bad for the skin. If you can’t go without a little colour, swap your usual foundation for a breathable tinted moisturizer that contains SPF. In the evening, a little touch of bronzer can also help to add a glow to your skin until your natural tan emerges. Ensure you gently sweep a powder bronzer across areas where the sun would naturally hit – forehead, cheekbones, chin and nose – to avoid a caked-on look. Beach Babe Bikini This summer’s hottest beach style is absolutely perfect for women who enjoy a classic vintage ensemble – 2014’s beach fashionistas will be channelling the 1960s and Brigitte Bardot in the French Riviera. Oval sunglasses and wide-rimmed woven straw sunhats are the ideal accessories to throw on after an ocean dip if you want to achieve this look, and classic nautical hues like white, blue and red should make up your colour palette. The Marilyn Monroe-esque gingham-print bikini by Stella Jean Sardina is a classic example of the genre. Summer Nights Print Unfortunately, mosquitos are one of the drawbacks of an exotic tropical climate, so your evening ensemble should be informed by practical factors as well as style statements. For this reason, light and bright printed trousers should be one of your holiday must-packs. Vivid colours and floral prints have been all over this season’s catwalks, and two piece statement “suits” like Rihanna’s are ideal for ladies that want to make an entrance. Try to pick up a pair of trousers that nip in at the waist so you don’t swamp yourself in cool, loose fitting clothing. Love your Body Beach Oasis If you decide to follow just one beauty tip, let it be this one. After all, nothing shines as brightly as natural beauty. Taking good care of your skin and hair whilst on holiday protects against damage from the sun and sea, as well as guaranteeing a selection of glowing photographs. If you are a fan of natural products, destinations like Thailand are the perfect place to try out coconut oil. Massaging a little of this magical ointment into your skin will leave it smooth and refreshed, and you can even add a spoonful to your morning green tea so that it can nourish your body from the inside out. For your hair, a dash Moroccan oil will ensure a sleek, smooth dazzle. by Max Vee