Vacation vogue

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Travellers who choose private villas as their preferred form of accommodation are generally independent, stylish and adventurous personalities. If you prefer to set trends rather than follow them, our travel style expert suggests at least one of these 5 bespoke travel accessories should be on your next holiday shopping list. Travelling is becoming an art form and some travel accessories are as elegant as they are practical. Trip savvy designers and bespoke labels help you turn heads at the check-in desk, turn the travelator into a catwalk and feel as sophisticated as the five star surroundings during a luxury break.  Parachuter bag Parachuter bag_resize A natural leather contemporary backpack with a unique concave shape, The Parachuter is designed to fit comfortably against its owner's back. Made of robust European bridle leather, hand-crafted in Ireland, with traditional chunky stitching details. It's a casual but heavy-duty travelling companion that meets European aircraft carry-on size Luis Vuitton iPad Louis Vuitton iPad_resize Chosen by Harper's Bazaar as one of the 7 chicest iPad cases, the Louis Vuitton version comes with the signature LV designs to leave no-one in doubt that you err on the side of luxury and sophistication. Also available for the iPad mini, the durable case even snaps open to become a stand. Silk Pyjamas Silk Pyjamas_resize Upscale villas may provide fluffy towelling or even sometimes silk robes to lounge around in on holiday, but there's nothing quite as indulgent as slipping into your own silk pyjamas. Inspired by 1920s Shanghai style, Olivia von Halle's classic range includes a choice silky soft, loose fitting bedroom attire that's as comfortable to hang out in at home as it is on a high-end beach Vetiver Vert Vetiver Vert_resize Vetiver has become synonymous with fragrance and comes from the roots of grasses that often grow in volcanic soils. Frank Sawkins of celebrated London design house Czech & Speake has combined Vetiver with laurel, galbanum and sandalwood to create a distinctive new men's fragrance that will make your fellow travellers soon. The miniature set means you won't have it confiscated by airport security, either. Designer sandal Designer sandal_resize Choosing the right footwear for a holiday can be tricky unless you intend to go barefoot for the entire time. If you want to mix fashion and comfort then check out the sandal collections by Fly London. There's a huge range of colours and designs for guys and girls, and every pair is a personal statement. by