Villa Cocktail Hour

Submitted by admin on 2017/07/18 11:57:24 PM

A holiday is the perfect time to sample a selection of exotic new tipples, especially if you’re staying in a luxurious private villa in Thailand where the staff will be happy to help buy ingredients to whip up a few sunset specials.

A private holiday villa is the perfect choice for a personalised break when you finally manage to find the time to sit back and relax without a care in the world and one way to mark the occasion at sunset hour is to relax with a delicious tropical cocktail.

From fruity creations to creamy concoctions, the staff at your private villa will be able to put together a selection of exotic recipes to tickle your taste buds while the professional chef is preparing your evening meal.

You may prefer to get creative and try a bit of mixology yourself. In which case a range of interesting and exotic ingredients can be easily sourced at the local market or import supermarket.

We’ve picked out a few favourite tropical cocktails to inspire you.

Ocean Inspiration

If you’ve spent the entire day gazing out at the azure seas then perhaps the sapphire hue of the ocean should be the inspiration for your evening cocktail? While the Blue Hawaiian might have originated in the Pacific islands, the electric blue colour is an equally perfect match for the Gulf of Thailand or the Andaman Sea. With a delicious mix of light rum, vodka, blue Curacao liqueur and pineapple juice, this is a drink best enjoyed in the gardens of your private villa, watching the sun as it sinks below the blue horizon.

Romantic Mix

If you’re keen to take the romance up a notch and enjoy a relaxing in-villa date night with your special someone then Champagne Passion cocktails are a top choice. A plethora of tropical fruits are grown across Thailand – and passion fruit is one of the most delicious. Your villa staff will be able to prepare this gorgeous tipple quickly and easily. First of all, fresh passion fruits are tipped into a champagne flute, followed by a dash of Alize liqueur. The glass is then filled to the brim with authentic bubbles or prosecco, making this the perfect beverage to toast a special occasion just metres from a sandy beach.

Mango Mania

Sweet, juicy and delicious, mangos are simply one of the most delectable fruits you’ll in Thailand. If you’re feeling inspired by these sublime natural delicacies then ask your villa manager to help whip up a mango margarita to sip whilst you’re taking a long, relaxing soak in your private tub before dinner. To make this delectable drink, your villa’s staff will need to puree the mango along with a cup of ice, lime juice agave nectar and three ounces of tequila. To add to the salt, ask them to dust the edges of the glass with mix of salt and chilli for a Thai kick.

Spirit of Spain

When you’re enjoying the warm Thai temperatures, a refreshing cocktail that quenches your thirst is a must before tucking into a spicy meal. That’s why a few glasses of watermelon sangria, enjoyed on the mezzanine deck overlooking the private pool is a winning idea. This fruity concoction is made from blended watermelon mixed with white wine, rum and lime juice. A handful of frozen berries and pineapple chunks are added before the mix is chilled for two hours. This thirst-quenching cocktail is sure to become the staple beverage of your entire holiday.

Coconut Creation

If you’re a fan of coconut-themed cocktails but want to try something more adventurous than a pina colada, then why not ask one of your villa staff to have a go at making you a Bushwacker? It’s a powerful mix of dark-rum, Kahlua, crème de cacao, coconut cream and milk, topped off with a sprinkling of chocolate powder. The cocktail is so rich and creamy it could even double up as an after-dinner dessert drink for those with a sweet tooth. Best enjoyed out on your villa’s pool terrace, listening to the relaxing sounds of the nearby waves breaking on the shore.