Villa Gadgets for Easy Living

Submitted by admin on 2015/01/29 10:48:23 AM
Guests staying in one of Thailand’s rental villas can look forward to an impressive range of high-tech gadgets in their holiday home, all designed to make entertainment and relaxation the main focus of the stay. When you are staying in one of Thailand’s private holiday villas, comfort and luxury take centre stage. In order to ensure you remain in the lap of luxury for your entire stay, many modern holiday properties feature a range of leading edge gadgets, from high-tech sound systems to funky coffee makers. High-tech appliances and accessories are installed not only for guests' convenience, but also to help them feel secure and at home. From cool kitchen appliances to swish lighting systems that allow you to set the ambiance, many of Thailand’s villas have the latest and best in contemporary home systems. Pump up the Volume Harman Luxury Audio For music lovers, a high quality sound system can make the difference between a comfortable stay and an exceptional experience. In many larger villas, top-of-the-line sound systems can be set to play different tunes in different rooms around the property, whether it's Disney anthems in the kid's room during their arts and crafts session or Michael Buble in the living room when the adults are enjoying a glass of wine. A high quality audio system also means you can play your favourite tunes crisp and clear by the pool, which is great news if you are lazing in the sun or hosting a party on the sun terrace. Silver Screen Sensations Samsung curve After a day out in the heat of the tropical sun, kicking back with a few cold drinks and a good movie can be the perfect way to spend an evening 'at home'. If you didn’t bring your hard drive from home, fear not, a good number of private rental villas now come with their own multimedia storage, which means you will have literally thousands of films and albums to choose from during the stay. All you have to do is press play then sit back in the villa’s mini movie theatre – fully equipped with a giant wall-mounted movie screen – and enjoy the show. Setting the Mood Vantage lighting Lighting plays a huge part in creating just the right atmosphere in your villa when the sun goes down. Whether you have the personal chef prepare you and your loved one a romantic meal, decide to indulge in an evening massage or even try your hand at Thai cooking – you'll need the right level of lighting for the perfect experience. Many of Thailand’s villas now come equipped with their own high-end lighting control panels that allow you to customise the atmosphere in each room based on your needs. That means the kids can be re-enacting Frozen under bright lights in their bedroom while the adults are in the lounge enjoying the gentle, ambient lighting for a cocktail party. Java Juice Nespresso If you need a proper cup of morning coffee, then the kitchen of one of Thailand’s private villas is the best place to start the day. Many vacation homes come with their own sophisticated coffee machines, so you can whip up a latte or cappuccino whenever the urge takes you. Pop in a handful of ice cubes from your villa’s ice maker, and you have the option of a thirst-quenching, energy-boosting beverage throughout the day. Safe as Houses Security Many savvy travellers now opt for private villas as an alternative to hotels so they can enjoy the exclusivity and privacy of the surroundings. If you are staying in a secluded villa with large grounds, it’s always nice to feel safe and secure. Many of Thailand’s larger holiday properties therefore come with their own advanced security systems, which include high resolution CCTV cameras, as well as staff to keep an eye on the screen to monitor different parts of the estate, day and night.