Villa Holiday Beach Reads

Submitted by admin on 2013/09/05 10:24:27 AM
Letting your imagination run wild with a wonderful book is a great way to entertain yourself on a lazy afternoon spent chilling by the pool or beach while staying at a private villa in Thailand or Bali. On a winter break to Southeast Asia, why not liven up your lounging time with one of these bestsellers? Unless you have already retired, the routine of everyday life rarely affords the chance to settle down for a few hours with a good book. If this sounds familiar, then you will probably like the idea of a winter holiday spent sunbathing in the tropical climes of Southeast Asia and the perfect opportunity to catch up on your reading. Whether you are a fan of crime thrillers, epic biographies or steamy romances, there is never a better place to enjoy some downtime flipping though pages of captivating prose than on a blissfully warm tropical island by the side of your villa’s private pool. Travellers who don’t enjoy lugging around a case full of paperbacks can invest in an e-reader before to save on space and weight. Alternatively, there are plenty of English book shops scattered around tourist spots in places like Thailand and Bali for visitors who would prefer to pick up a book or two once they arrive and relax. Here's a selection of beach reads form Amazon’s best seller list for 2013... “Gone Girl” – Gillian Flynn (Thriller) Gone Girl Gillian Flynn’s latest psychological thriller will keep you hooked throughout your holiday. The gripping plot tells the story of Nick Dunne, a man who wakes up on the morning of his fifth wedding anniversary to find his wife has disappeared. A string of odd occurrences lead police to believe Dunne is the main suspect for his wife’s disappearance, and you will spend every page of this exhilarating novel second guessing Flynn’s protagonist. “Gone Girl” has already sold two million copies worldwide since January, and is guaranteed to keep you reading until long after sunset. “The Butler: A Witness to History” – Wil Haygood The Butler History buffs and biography fanatics should definitely pick up a copy of this book. In one of the best-selling autobiographies this year, Haygood explores the life of Eugene Allen, the butler who served under eight presidents of the USA, from Truman to Reagan. The life of Eugene Allen has also inspired a film starring Hollywood royalty from Alan Rickman to John Cusack. “The Fault in Our Stars” – John Green (romance) The Fault in Our Stars This heart throbbing tale ties in a mixture of romance, comedy and tragedy and is definitely one for the girls. In his fourth novel, Green depicts a sixteen-year-old cancer patient named Hazel who is forced to attend a support group by her parents. It is there she meets (and falls in love with) Augustus, a seventeen-year-old amputee. Definitely add this love story to your “To Read” list before Fox’s movie adaptation comes out. “The Great Gatsby” – F. Scott Fitzgerald (classic) The Great Gatsby Thanks in large part to Baz Luhrmann’s highly-acclaimed film adaptation earlier this year, copies of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic “The Great Gatsby” have been flying off the shelves. The novel depicts the opulent frivolity of the 1920s in all its glamorous glory, seen through the eyes of the somewhat unreliable narrator, Nick Carraway. Widely acknowledged to be one of the classics of the 20th century; readers will not fail to be mesmerised by the mystery and allure of the man himself – Jay Gatsby. “Inferno” – Dan Brown (history/mystery/ thriller) Inferno Readers who enjoyed the “The Da Vinci Code” and “Angels and Demons” can follow the further adventures of the intriguing symbologist, Robert Langdon, in Brown’s latest novel. Like his earlier works, Brown combines a clever cocktail of mystery, adventure and history to create a page turner that you will not be able to put down. This year, Langdon is on the run from unknown pursuers through the Tuscan city of Florence, with only a few lines from Dante’s classic “Inferno” to help him make sense of the mystery and find his way to safety.   by