Wake Up Call

Submitted by admin on 2016/12/19 11:50:39 AM
If you’re enjoying a relaxing vacation in one of Thailand’s villas, the mornings are a fantastic time to make the most of the excellent facilities and beautiful surroundings. Whether you’re the kind of person who jumps straight out of bed for a morning swim, or someone who prefers hitting the snooze button a few times before you chow down on a lazy breakfast; Thailand’s finest private villas give you have the luxury to start the day your way. Mornings are a magical time when you’re on holiday, a free block of time where you can simply sit and soak up the splendour of the surroundings. There are few more satisfying feelings than breathing  in the morning ocean views with a fresh fruit juice as you look forward to a day of island exploration. If you’re wondering how to kick-start your holiday mornings in the Land of Smiles, below are a few ideas... Indulgent Start breakfast-in-bed A holiday is one of the few times a year when you get to relax, unwind and indulge in a few lavish luxuries that you wouldn’t have time to enjoy at home. If you’re staying in one of Thailand’s top private villas with its own team of resident staff – including a professional chef – breakfast in bed is an absolute must at some point during your hols. Whether you’re in the mood for a sweet croissant, a steaming bowl of savoury Thai porridge or a simple bowl of fresh fruit and muesli, your chef will be able to whip up a breakfast selection  for you to  enjoy without even leaving the comfort of your bed. Up with the larks mint-tea If you usually wake up bright and early, savouring the beauty of sunset in your villa’s stunning landscaped garden is an excellent chance to get some quiet time before your busy day begins. Brew yourself a fresh cup of tea or coffee and head outside to see nature at its finest, just as the sun is coming up. If you’re a wildlife lover, taking a stroll round your villa’s gorgeous gardens first thing in the morning also provides the perfect chance to do a little bird watching, right at the time when Thailand’s colourful winged creatures are at their busiest. Gentle stretch yoga If you’re still feeling a little stiff from your long-haul flight, a relaxing morning yoga session could be just the way to get into the right groove for the rest of the day. If you’re happy to practice yoga  on your own, then your villa’s outdoor sala directly overlooking the ocean is a fabulous place to breathe deep and stretch. If you would rather an experienced teacher guide you, talk to your villa concierge about having a professional yoga instructor come to the property for a morning lesson. Many villas come with their own air-conditioned fitness suites as well, just in case you get a sweat on. Call of the Ocean swim For some people, alluring ocean views are just too much to resist – especially when a sensational opportunity for a morning swim is just a pebble’s throw away. Many of the finest private villa rentals on islands like Phuket and Koh Samui offer direct access to the beach, so if you a fancy a bracing dip straight before breakfast then there’s nothing to hold you back. Likewise, if you’re  a runner, a light jog along the beach, right in the ocean’s surf, could be an active way to kick-start the day. Breakfast with a View ocean-views For many travellers, the idea of a breakfast feast every morning is one of the true highlights of a good holiday. If this is you, then prepare to have your taste buds tantalized by an exquisite meal prepared  by the villa’s professional chef and  served out on your villa’s sun terrace overlooking the ocean. If you don’t fancy the Western favourite of bacon, eggs and pancakes, then perhaps a khao kai jeow – a golden Thai omelette served with minced pork and onions will set you up right for a day of  Thai adventures.