War on Plastic in Koh Samui

Submitted by admin on 2016/10/11 11:30:25 AM
Several of Koh Samui’s private  holiday villas are going plastic-free in a bid to be more eco-friendly. This is not only great news for the island, but also for guests that want to make holiday choices with a low impact on Thailand’s beautiful natural environment. Koh Samui’s private holiday villas are well known for their luxury facilities and fine design, but now some owners are  making a commitment to boost their eco-friendly credentials too by cutting out the use of single-use plastic, which is great news for environmentally conscious guests. Baan Kilee, Baan Ora Chon and Baan Puri – all situated on Lipa Noi beach – are leading the way in this super-green commitment, and the owners hope that many of Samui’s other boutique accommodation options will follow suit. If you’re wondering what cutting out single-use plastic means for guests at these opulent holiday rental properties, and also for the island environment, read on. Clean up the Ocean pristine-ocean Spectacular white sand beaches and superb turquoise oceans are two of the main reasons why visitors flock to Koh Samui from around the world year after year. As such, it’s important to preserve these beautiful natural treasures for generations to come. However, eight million tonnes of plastic waste are dumped into the world’s ocean’s each year, the majority of which sinks to the sea floor. Unfortunately, in many areas it is a case of out of sight, out of mind – but not in Samui, which is why some villas have taken the initiative to cut down on plastic use so it doesn’t pollute the ocean in the first place. The efforts are part of an eco-conscious programme leading up to World Ocean Day in June 2017. Clutter-free Environment clutter-free-kitchen One of the true joys of staying at in one of Samui’s luxury ocean-front villas is the chance to enjoy a blissfully fresh, clutter-free environment. Cutting out single-use plastic items such as bottles, bags, straws, cutlery and crockery means that these items will never be left lying around waiting to be blown onto the beach before it’s cleaned up by the villa’s staff team. Families will soon feel the benefits of having much less rubbish around. Snazzy Souvenirs souvenir Instead of sipping on water from a single-use plastic bottle, guests are now being encouraged to use their own refillable bottles at some private villas. If guests don’t have their own aluminium bottle handy, they will be made available at the three properties taking part in the no-plastic initiative. In addition to helping the environment, guests that purchase their own bottle will also have it to keep as a souvenir when they head home. Refillable aluminium bottles are also perfect to top up during workout sessions at the gym, or even while out exploring the island. Natural Flavours water-on-demand While throw-away plastic goods may be seen as convenient in some situations, there’s no getting away from the fact that they just don’t look that appealing and water doesn't even taste good from a plastic bottle. After all, would you rather be served your drink from an iced glass decorated with a Thai flower, or a crunched up piece of mis-shapen plastic? Villas taking part in the plastic-free initiative will all have refillable glass tanks full to the brim with fresh, clean drinking water placed around the properties, so it’s easy for guests to top up their bottle whenever they need to. This drinking water may also be flavoured with cucumber and lemons for those who want extra taste and a  vitamin kick every time they take a gulp. Saving Samui ocean-conservation There are many bonuses to cutting out single-use plastic in a private holiday villa, but the bottom line is that it’s good news for the planet. While it may take time to reduce the use of such plastic across the globe, some of Koh Samui’s private holiday villas are making an independent start. The more holiday properties that engage with this eco-friendly message, the more the message will spread and the more people will be educated. It’s a great step towards protecting Samui’s oceans from harmful waste, making sure the island’s stunning beaches and waters remain pristine for generations to come. Learn more about these three fantastic villas on Lipa Noi beach, Koh Samui Baan Kilee: www.luxuryvillasandhomes.com/Baan-Kilee.html Baan Ora Chon: www.luxuryvillasandhomes.com/Baan-Ora-Chon.html Baan Puri: www.luxuryvillasandhomes.com/Baan-Puri.html